Privacy policy :
To get a quick tuition, you have to do. Of course, there must be a pretty profile. As you look at the profile of your preparedness, an adviser or student is fascinated or interested. It will not produce a profile that a person feels annoyed at seeing. Keeping these issues in mind, you have to make a profile. You should do this. The form must be completed from start to finish so that no form is missing. And fill the forms beautifully. No laziness or neglect at the time of completing the form. Keep a look at the spelling so that there are no mistakes,
Form Fulfillment and Duties First, go to the homepage of the website, click on it, there is an option named join now. After that there will be a page to select For teacher. Now it's time to fulfill your form. Now you have to fill the fields with special importance. First of all, use your facebook ID. Select the district you want to study in the second district. And please mention the places you are interested in to read. Do not use less than four words in the title of the add. Present your educational qualification well. Write the details, but the detail is less than 100 words. The last thing you need to do. Use a nice picture, it is better to have a passport size. And must be clear and self-evident.
Mugs and students are lonely. If you are looking for a skilled and qualified home tutor to go to your hometown, go to our web site and find out if your needs are tutor. There are skilled and qualified female teachers and male teachers. You can find out your area's ethnic tutor from any part of Bangladesh. In exchange, we do not have to pay any kind of money. We do this work in complete freebies.
Getting the Teacher. Two ways you can get teachers. One is through phone call, one is by completing the form. First of all, you can get the teacher by completing the form. First go to our website's home page and click on request a teacher option. After that, a form will come, fill that form properly and submit the information. We will honor your condition and make a skilled teacher of your leadership. The rules for getting the teacher on the phone. The things that we have to tell. How long will the classes, groups, topics, places, weekends be taught? And amount of money. Call from the phone number given on our web site.
The activities that have to be avoided. More than one profile can not be created for teachers. If someone is found, your profile will be temporarily deleted from our web site. If you have any errors in your data, then your ad is considered invalid. The issues that will not be publicized on our web site. Such as: political, indecent, anti-religious, etc. Use your own pictures to refrain from photographing others. And if there are any errors in the image, it can also be considered canceled. We will tell you the next time that there is a lot of quick tuition available. Our rules may change due to time and requirements. So keep an eye on our changes to our web pages.
Advertising Removal Rules If you have an advert to delete it, then you can tell us. The means to tell us is the phone or message. The rules to tell us through any one. Your ad will be deleted if you tell your profile ID and mobile number. And after removing the ad, you can advertise again. If you do not understand any of the rules given by us then you can know by phone.
Please do not come here with any kind of bad purpose. We will try to comply with the above rules of our website. Let us all benefit by accepting the free service. Thank you everyone.