About us :
Aslamu Alaikum I am Mohammad Anwar Hossain, our web site member of our website, all the best wishes and greetings to all our friends and well wishers. Hope everyone is good I am also blessed with your blessings and blessings of Allah. We plan on planning our website and informing you about yourself and being close to you. So please read and highlight the above mentioned above.
Let us talk about plans. Many of us are students who are interested in earning tuition fees to meet their required needs for students who are studying as well as their pocket expenses and study costs. Many of us are poor or middle-aged people. It is not possible for parents to spend family education and children's education, so they are interested in tuition. It is not possible to get time to study if you are employed or not because it is easy to earn income by doing jute time in student life. Tutoring is the best way to bite as jute time. Or there are many of us who are engaged in tuition profession. Those who are always doing tuition and earning the family's livelihood. So in our society, the tuitionary profession is playing a vital role. Considering the above issues, this little effort is ours.
Problems with getting tuition. Getting tuition is very difficult. Although there is a desire to do tuition, it is not possible to get a tuition. Because the tuition is not available if the tuition is not known, the tuition is not available. No one wants to tuition if you do not know the identity. We try a lot to get a tuition. We are looking for tuition. We get somebody or tuition and no one else gets it. I have also highlighted the problem I faced in my student life. So, it's a tough task, and this is the easiest thing to do. We are trying to get out of this problem.
Our last words We started our website with the help of a member of the social network from 2016. I am here to love and support you. People have got good support for this. We are very hopeful about this site. Therefore, we always love your cooperation and pray for you. We are hopeful that we will cooperate with you and give us valuable advice to you. Always keep an eye on the terms and conditions of our rules and the requirements of time and requirements may be changed. Please keep an eye on our web page. thanks to everyone ,